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Hi fans! Dan here. Thanks to the support of our Patrons, I’ll now be releasing my GM notes for Extraordinary League to the world at large.

My notes as they currently exist are very idiosyncratic and use a lot of shorthand—I wrote them under the assumption that I would be the only person to see them, so they’re not exactly friendly to outside readers. What you’ll see here has been cleaned up so that they’re understandable by people who aren’t me. Each installment also includes some commentary for each session, talking about what my thoughts were in designing specific sessions, and how things might have gone unexpectedly during the actual episode.

First, though, is a very surface-level overview of the heavily-modified version of the Marvel Superheroes RPG that we use for League. That way, some of the stat blocks and rules references in my notes should hopefully make a little more sense, plus you might start understanding why the League players are happy when they get a “red” result on an attack roll.

After that are the episode summaries themselves. These notes are annotated with my own thoughts and clarifications from the present. I’ll use this as an opportunity to explain why I made certain decisions, or how the players’ decisions in-game changed certain directions of the story. Any annotations I make will be bold and italicized, like this text here. Actual flavor text I intended to read aloud to my players will be just italicized, like this text here.

And yes, this series is called “DM Screen,” because my initials are too good not to abuse.

I welcome any feedback or questions you may have regarding League, the storyline, or how I run it. Thanks for visiting!

0.5 – The System

1 – Escape from Phyrexia

2 – From Here to Eternia

3 – Hold on to Your Butts

4 – Raptors All Up in the Kitchen

5 – When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

6 – Tyrannosaurus Phyrex

7 – Going Medieval

8 – The Show Must Go On

9 – Wolves of Winter

10 – #YesAllDraculas

11 – Retaking the Black

12 – Waking the Dragon

13 – Fight of the Living Dead

14 – A Song of Ice

14. 5 – New Moon Rising

15 – Into the Arena

16 – Fists of Furry

17 – Pokéballs and Wrecking Balls

17.5 – The Morningstar Job

18 – Penthouse Throwdown

19 – Conquer Your World

20 – Danger Zone

21 – The Invasion of Nexus City

22 – Grayskull Under Siege

23 – Grayskullduggery

24 – Swords and Sorceresses

25 – Pipe Dream

26 – Shell Shock

27 – Veni Vidi Yoshi

28 – Where Lakitus Dare

29 – Koopa D’état

30 – Motor Psyche

31 – The Doom That Came to the Mushroom Kingdom

32 – Once More, With Fearing

33 – Chasing Shadows

34 – Diamonds in the Rough

35 – Bad Religion

36 – Tangled Up in Green

37 – Rock the Dinosaur

38 – Inescapable

39 – After and Before

40 – Out of Nowhere

41 – Fear of the Spark

42 – Breaking the Ice

43 – Upping the Ante

44 – The Power of the Dark Side

45 – Fire and Shadow

46 – A Power to Rival the Sun

47 – The League Strikes Back

48 – Doomed

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