MeganBob–or Bob–sightings date back to the 1980s but the first Smash Fiction host to report sightings was Dan in the mid 2000’s. Kit has also experienced Bob sightings as has Colin. Miles and Liz have never seen Bob but nonetheless believe in the existence of Bob despite a lack of physical evidence. Many have posited that Bob is an elaborate hoax or an ongoing performance art project but no one has come forward to verify this. Sightings of MeganBob are most common in the Southwestern deserts and occasionally in Ireland. No theory has been put forth as to how MeganBob travels between these two places, although there is evidence that Slenderman and MeganBob may work together so interdimensional travel is a possibility.

Is the voice heard on Smash Fiction most weeks MeganBob the cryptid beast or is it merely an actor portraying them? Given the audio nature of the program, it’s possible that we may never know. There is some videographic evidence to suggest that it is MeganBob, but you know what people can do with editing software these days so we remain suspicious.

In spite of those who doubt, we know that MeganBob is out there. Where? Who can say. Doing what? Impossible to know. Though some say, on a moonlit night, if you open and close an NSFW fanfic three times, you can hear her call, “I wasn’t done reading thaaaaat!”

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