What’s a Smash Fiction?

Smash Fiction is a podcast that settles, once and for all, the deepest mysteries of popular culture. Each week, five passionate nerds gather to systematically debate a match between fictional characters who are carefully chosen and set in a scenario that tests their respective strengths and weaknesses. Matches can be direct fights, competitions, or a race to complete a specific goal. Sometimes a match pits a character against a hostile location, or tests a non-combat skill, relationship strength, or SCIENCE! And then there are the truly absurd three- or four-character free-for-all matches. From archery tournaments to hacker battles, from the Scare Games to the Hunger Games, absolutely anything can happen on Smash Fiction.

Each side has one or two advocates arguing for them, while an impartial judge moderates. But it’s not all research and preparation, because eventually the judge announces ThLightning Round, in which the advocates are presented with a surprise scenario! Maybe the advocates suddenly have to argue why their characters would still succeed while drunk, or at Disneyland, or at running for president. The insanity continues until it’s time for the judge to render a final, binding, and irrefutable verdict!

And that’s not all! Once a month, Smash Fiction breaks from its usual format to present the massively popular actual-play RPG, Extraordinary League! Dan Mulkerin GMs an epic crossover-laden story while the other hosts play an eclectic cast of characters, including Sterling Archer, Stitch, Luna Lovegood, Mordin Solus, Dante, and Nico Minoru. Follow along with the League as they fight, quip and perform musical theater in a cross-dimensional adventure that has seen them visit Eternia, Jurassic Park, and Westeros, in an attempt to defeat the evil forces of Phyrexia!

Smash Fiction comes out every Sunday, and can be found on iTunes or any other podcatcher you fancy. Give us a listen, and if you love what we do, let us know on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and at smashfictionpodcast@gmail.com. And if you have match suggests, we’d love to hear those, too!

You’ve always wanted the answers. Smash Fiction provides the answers and an hour’s worth of laughs along with them. Join us, and let the fight be never-ending!

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