Unofficial Extraordinary League Rap

By @Indiana_53

One might say it’s hokum,
But I say we gonna show em
Just how we gonna make
A truly epic poem!

Archer just can’t touch this
For all his awesomeness,
Yo Dante’s hair is dope,
And he’s gone completely clotheless!

The tiny killer rabbit
Is not a creature of habit
Unless you count the fact,
He likes picking up heavy shit!

And of course lizard hell boy
Who really likes being coy
With androids and with tech
That he wields like it’s a toy!

Now you might be asking
Who it is that they be fighting,
Well it’s aliens called Phyrexians
Who are Hell bent on assimilating!

But all is not in vain,
They have everything to gain
Be it a magical glowing gem,
Or surfing dinos in the rain!

Now some of them may die,
But none of us can try
To have to live without them,
We’d just fall down and cry!

And while Nico’s pretty cool,
And has a truly badass tool, (phrasing)
We all wanna see Archer
Come back and be the fool!

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