A New Faction and the Math of Smash Fic Hosts

Enough fans asked for a space where they could easily chat with each other about the episodes, and so we delivered: The Smash Fiction Fan Faction

Sorry, not sorry about the name. We are weak in the face of alliteration.

If you haven’t heard yet, both MeganBob and Kit made appearances on The Math of You podcast, episodes 73 (The Secret of Roan Inish and Funny Drapes) and 71 (Animorphs, Soul Calibur, and the Falcon Shed).

At this point, every Smash Fic host–except for the enigmatic mad space judge Liz Logan–has appeared on The Math of You. Check out episodes 70 (Newspaper Comics and Game Curmudgeons feat. Miles Schneiderman), 53 (80’s Cartoons and Prog Rock feat. Dan Mulkerin), 51 (The Return of Colin Mulkerin), and 30 (Magic the Gathering, Negative Capability, and Phage the Untouchable feat. Colin Mulkerin) to learn a little more about our hosts!



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