Postcards, Patrons, and Partridges in questionable places

Welcome to the new website, funded completely by our gracious Patreon supporters!

Speaking of our Patreon, the new patron-only monthly bonus content for the month of November is now available: Grand Theft Eternia
The winners of the MeganBob fanfic poll were Carmen Sandiego and Skeletor! Thanks to Bob and our gracious patrons, we now have some strong headcanon as to what would happen if Carmen and Skeletor met at a villain convention. We hope you enjoy this little tale of larceny and…love (a love for larceny).

As a thank you for making our first year at Patreon so successful, we’re planning on sending every patron, no matter the donation level, a postcard signed by all of the Smash Fiction hosts!
If you aren’t a patron yet, become one by 11:59 PM Pacific of December 12th to get in on the thanks! Smash Fiction Patreon
After the 12th, we’ll send out a message through Patreon requesting the mailing address of any patrons who’d like a signed postcard. Then the stars will align, all the hosts will converge to sign their thanks, and we’ll mail out the cards after the New Year!

Lastly, we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and if your true love gives you a partridge in a pear tree, let them know partridges are ground-dwelling birds that have no need to be in trees of any kind. Maybe your true love should stick to gift cards. (-Kit)

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