Kit Mulkerin

Who is Kit?

To the system, she’s a current co-host and co-founder of the Smash Fiction podcast.

Kit was hatched and raised in the quagmire of smog and traffic most people know as Los Angeles. To her, that quagmire was home all throughout her larval stage up until adulthood (or that weird grey area people consider adulthood but not really adulthood. You know. Late teens/early twenties).

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“This isn’t even my final form.”

Through a series of fortunate events and her interest in Pokemon, Neopets, Inuyasha, and X-Men Evolution during her middle-school years, Kit eventually came to meet Dan Mulkerin. (Many years and friendships were involved.) About eight months later, Dan observed the recently-single Kit, swooped in, and performed an incredibly elegant courtship dance. Or at least that’s how Kit remembers it. The two hit it off instantly and were married three years later. It was a beautiful wedding filled with swords, bloodshed, and the most amazing cake. Even blood stains eventually fade away, but never will Kit’s memories of that cake disappear.

I don’t wanna say that I got married because I knew there’d be cake, but…

It was through Dan that Kit met his brother Colin Mulkerin first out of all of Smash Fiction’s eventual co-hosts. As is tradition in the Mulkerin family, Colin put newcomer Kit through a series of rigorous trials in order to determine whether she was worthy of joining the clan. (Unfortunately, details of these trials cannot be revealed to the outside world.) Obviously, Kit passed, though her sanity will never be the same.

She eventually met the man, the myth, the Miles Schneiderman as well as the Embodiment of Love and Light–known on this plane as MeganBob–at around the same time in her life, both through Dan as both were long-time friends of his who attended the same colleges he had.

Kit and Dan then moved to the Northeast part of the United States so that both could further their education. Kit, in particular, attended the prestigious Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts, where she majored in Non-Euclidean Architecture and minored in Occult Biology. After educatin’ themselves, the pair moved back to the West Coast (Best Coast) in order to be closer to family.

Also did a little part-time superhero work while in the NYC area. Good for the resume. Some resumes.

Kit lastly met the legendary Liz Logan when Kit hired her on as a bodyguard/explorer for an expedition to the hidden temple of Zhar in Myanmar. Though they discovered horrors that cannot be spoken of lightly and barely escaped a chase by cannibals, the trials they faced solidified their friendship.

In August of 2015, Dan, Liz, Miles, and Kit decided to embrace their shared interest in podcasts by making one of their own. They invited on Colin Mulkerin for his nerdiness, wit, and creativity (and because four is an unlucky number. It’s the number of death, you know). In October of 2016, MeganBob joined the Smash Fiction podcast, and warm fuzzy feelings were transmitted across the world.

Kit currently works with cryptozoology conservation organizations throughout the world to bring back endangered cryptids. She has recently seen great success in her rescue, rehabilitation, and release of several Central American whintossers. (Exact details cannot be given for the safety of these creatures.) Her dream is to one day travel to Japan to help local cryptid conservationists in restoring kitsune populations. And ‘cause Japan looks like the coolest place to visit.

Bronze dragons are not into cuddles.

So, who is Kit?

Just some animal-lover, Japanophile, and all-around geek with a passion for fiction.

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